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Former Governor Roy Barnes welcomes you to our extended family!

Welcome to the Barnes family. A genetic genealogist will tell you that there are 15 unique branches of our family throughout the World. These 15 groups that fall into two major ethnic groups either Irish or English in origin. Members of each group are comprised of three different individuals who settled in Wilkes County, North Carolina before 1800.
This website is dedicated to the study of them and their descendants. The first to arrive was Solomon (circa 1742-1807), he came in 1771. It appears that he may have been of English descent. He was then followed by Irishman Brinsley (1713-1794) and the third descendant who we are following, for now we are calling him; Solomon of Bertie (1762-1833).
Former Georgia Governor Roy E. Barnes is the most notable member of all 15 branches of our family. He recently learned of his lineage from Brinsley. Please watch his welcome to the Second Family Reunion held in Wilkes County, North Carolina 2017.

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