Brinsley Barnes – The Old Irish Immigrant

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Born1713 on William Street, Dublin, Ireland

Son of James Barnes and Mary (Unknown) Barnes

Brother of Thomas Barnes, Edward Barnes and James Barnes

Husband of Elizabeth (Lindley) Barnes — married 1739 in Chester, Pennsylvania

Father of : Mary Barnes (Carter), John, James, Anne Barnes (Hobson), Brinsley Jr., Thomas, Jehu and Lydia Barnes (Teague)

Died 1794 in Morgan District, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States


This profile is sourced based on a single book: Barnes, Warren E. “Mick”, “Descendants of Brinsley Barnes & Elizabeth Lindley along the lineage of William Howard Barnes (1907-1974) & Ethel Garnell Davis (1907-1946)”, 1998, Revised 2012. The book provides original sources that are referenced in the biography as <B_WE-#>. The citation will be referenced under source with the # referencing a specific original source.

Brinsley Barnes was born in Born 1713 on William Street, Dublin, Ireland but migrated and sailed to the American Colonies from County Down, Ulster, Ireland.

Baptismal Record - Brinsley Barnes, Part 1
Genealogist Baptismal Findings, part 1
Courtesy of Michael Barnes
Baptismal Record - Brinsley Barnes, Part 2
Genealogist Baptismal Findings, part 2







Brinsley married Elizabeth B. Lindley in 1739 in Chester, Pennsylvania Colony.

They had eight or nine children.  Only eight are supported by a solid paper trail – In order of birth, these are: Mary Barnes (Carter), John, James, Anne Barnes (Hobson), Brinsley Jr., Thomas, Jehu and Lydia Barnes (Teague). Solomon, is confirmed by DNA as either a son, brother, nephew, or cousin of Brinsley.

  • 1734 First record of being in the British Colonies. He paid taxes in Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • 1751 Last year Brinsley was listed as a taxpayer in Chester County, PA.
  • 1754 – Awarded Granville Land Grant in North Carolina for 640 acres in the Mud Lick area near the Rocky River in Orange County, North Carolina on April 17, 1754.
  • 1768 – Brinsley and his son James signed the Petition protesting taxes to North Carolina Royal Governor Tryon. This was part of what was known as the War of Regulation (1765-1771). The war culminated with the Battle of Alamance which was considered a prelude to the American Revolution.
  • 1772 – Brinsley on the Tax Record of Orange County, NC
  • Brinsley is qualified for Patriot Service in the American Revolution by the DAR.
  • 1782 – Supplied two sheep as material aid to the Militia of NC.
  • 1782-1785 Sells all Chatham County, NC land holding to Brinsley Barnes, Jr., John Chamness, and son-in-law Jacob Teague.
  • 1783, 5 August Received a Revolutionary War Pay Voucher from Morgan District, Wilkes County, NC.
  • 1784, 22 July Warrants 100 acres on Lower Little River (in Indian Territory)
  • 1787 – Founder in the Organization of Little River Church in Wilkes (now Alexander) County, NC.
  • 1790, July – Articles of Agreement between Brinsley and son Jehu for the care of Brinsley until his death.
  • Brinsley died in the Fall of 1794 in Morgan District, Wilkes County, North Carolina, United States.
Map of Brinsley Barnes Chatham Co., NC Land Grants - Distant View
Distant View

Maps of 1754 Land Grants viewed from present-day topography, courtesy of Stewart Dunaway.

Map of Brinsley Barnes Chatham Co., NC Land Grants - Close View
Close View

At the top of the distant view is property owned by War of Regulation leader Harmon (Herman) Husband. (Click to zoom – Back arrow returns.)

The Given Name Brinsley occurs many times among his descendants – Click to see a List

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  • The well-respected Baptist minister Reverend Isaac Oxford confirmed the place of origins of Brinsley. This is more likely the port from which he departed.  Oxford was the grandson of James Barnes and the great-grandson of Brinsley. In his 1890, History of the Oxford Family he wrote, “James Barnes was born in the state of Pennsylvania, was of Irish descent, his father having emigrated from Doublanbutt in County Down, Ireland.” To see the full text of see: [1]
  • Death date established by Wilkes County, NC Minute Docket, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1778-1790, 1790-1798, C.104.3000 1(C.108.3000), Tuesday 4 November 1704.
  • Listed on Tax Records for Kennett Township, Chester County, PA.
  • Revolutionary War Pay Voucher # 1812, Morgan District, Wilkes County, NC, BX State Archives.
  • Granville Land Grant: Manuscript and Archives Reference System, North Carolina State Archives. Select: [], then enter Brinsley Barnes in the Search Box and selected Mars Id This documents Brinsley migration to North Carolina.
  • Barnes family member’s signing Petition to Governor Tryon:[2]. To understand the significance of the War of Regulation see:[3]
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed August 25, 2015), “Record of Brinsley Barnes “, Ancestor # A006290 .
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