Burke County, North Carolina


Petition Attempts for Burke County

Three attempts were made to create the county which was formed in 1777.  Two unsuccessful petitions were submitted to the General assembly in 1771 by legislator Griffith Rutherford and the third successful petition was submitted in 1777.  Rutherford later distinguished himself as a Brigadier general of the “Salisbury District” in the Revolutionary War.  The petitions contain several hundred names and some members the Burke County Genealogy Society has deemed them a pre-1790 Census and of historical significance.

The Executive Board of the Colonel Alexander Erwin Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution has decided to fund and seek volunteers to transcribe the petitions and make bound copies available at several regional libraries. Details on the creation of Burke will be discussed on this website.

Daniel C. Williams of Morganton a candidate for SAR membership is the Burke County coordinator for the Foundation and is taking the lead in managing this effort.

Petition Calling for the Creation of Burke Co. 27 Nov. 1771