Family of Thomas Barnes b. 1790 and Spouse Joanna Murphy

© Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved. Transcription and discussion by Gale Paine-Nagy and Dr. Chris Barnes

Supplemental supporting information appears throughout this document and are exchanges that occurred on February 18 through March 1, 2017, in the Facebook group, The Genealogy of The Families of Alexander County, NC between Gale Paine-Nagy and Chris Barnes  They are italicized here to aid in recognition. Chris and Gale have concluded that the family referenced in the document is that of Thomas Barnes son of Deaf John Barnes.  Thomas is Brinsley, Sr. grandson.  Thomas’s wife Joanna Murphy.

Original Document Listing the Family of Thomas Barnes (1790) and Joann Murphy. Thomas was the son of Deaf John, Image 1 of 2.
Original Document Listing the Family of Thomas Barnes (1790) and Joann Murphy. Thomas was the son of Deaf John, Image 1 of 2.
Original Document Listing the Family of Thomas Barnes (1790) and Joann Murphy. Thomas was the son of Deaf John, Image 2 of 2.
Original Document Listing the Family of Thomas Barnes (1790) and Joann Murphy. Thomas was the son of Deaf John, Image 2 of 2.

This text and the original documents Page 1 and Page 2  were later examined by McNeely,  who fully agrees with Gale and Chris’s findings.

I am typing it just the way Rebecca wrote it and using her spelling.

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First Side:

JoAnne Barnes was born December the 8 in the year of our Lord 1785.
James Barnes, daughter of Thomas and Anne Barnes was born the 28 day of July 1825.
Melinda Barnes daughter of Tho Barnes & Ann Barnes was born September the 12th 1828.
Salley Barnes daughter of Tho Barnes & Ann Barnes was born April the 20th 1829.

2nd side:

Rebeca Barnes daughter of Thomas & Ann Barnes was borne in the year of our Lord December the 11th, 1813.
Lette Barnes daughter of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 12th day of April 1815.
Anna Barnes daughter of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 13 day of June 1816.
Thomas the son of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 12th day of February 1818.
Archebal Barnes Son of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 22nd day of February 1820..
Eliza Barnes (she wrote son obviously dau) of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 2 day of November 1822.
William Barnes son of Thomas & Ann Barnes was born the 2nd day of January 1824.

The above list was written on two sides of a small, oblong piece of paper. The names, their mother through Salley was on one side and the rest on the other.  Note the different way of listing dates & names & abbreviations.  She used the & sign not “and.”

Also below Salley’s info.the following appears:

A solid line is drawn then:

“William T. Barnes the son of James Barnes was born in the year of our Lord” (my question who is James.)

No further info. And that’s all I have “proven” for that family – however, I have researched a great deal of various Barnes lines because of this paper.

Facebook Exchange:

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Chris Barnes replied · 1 Reply
Gale Nagy Chris Barnes: Another Barnes for discussion: one of my 2nd great grandfathers, Samuel Johnson (Alex. Co.) he and first wife Susan Holsclaw buried at Antioch Baptist.,., ., – his 2nd wife was Rebecca Barnes – d/o Thomas born abt 1770 Wilkes JoAnne “Anna” Murpphy (b. 12/7/1785(- she d/o Archible/Archibald Murphy; JoAnne married Mar 7, 1813, Wilkes Co. – had 10 children. I inherited a handwritten family list written on handmade paper, that  Rebecca wrote. Thomas’ first was wife “Letty” Brown – no dates for her they had 5 children. Footnote by Hugh Barnes some record show her as Leticia. Thomas was s/o John “Deaf John” Barnes & Ruth Elizabeth Fisher. I do have JoAnne’s  – all taken from the written list. See inclusion on this website.)

Like · Reply · February 18 at 8:00 pm
Chris Barnes, I have very little confidence in my records on the Brinsley Barns clan. I do have Anna Murphree, and I have two different Thomas Barns, one married to Anna and one married to Letty….but all with little source information. It would be nice to see a posted scan of Rebecca’s letter.

Like · Reply · February 18 at 9:04 pm
Chris Barnes My records show Anna passing away in Calhoun AL. I have stomped through the woods in “Murphree Valley” over near Oneonta AL and seen some of the old Murphree headstones there.

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Chris Barnes

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Chris Barnes

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Gale Nagy to Chris Barnes: The handwritten document I inherited is not a letter – just a list of her parents & siblings (and self) w/full names & birthdates. The paper is a dark color and is not possible to “photocopy” it – I’ve tried over the years. It turns out black. However, if I can find it – I believe someone made me a digital copy but I’ll need time to look for it.
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March 1 Facebook additions:

Gale Nagy March 1 at 12:35 pm Chris Barnes Hugh Barnes Rebecca’s info: April 28, 1876 – she files for dower rights against “Rene Medlock &others” She gets it on May 26, 1876 – court ordered on 10/17/1876 and settlement on Feb 6, 1877. Which was after her death since the estate settlement papers say Sep 1876.

“Estate papers: Anna & John Barnes, only surviving brother & sister of Rebecca Johnson. Franklin Pennell, admin; married a neice of Rebecca- 9-20-1876. Signed: Anner, Seany, John Barnes; and Luther Webster. Wit: Rebecca Isenhower, G.W. Coffey (he); S. G. Coffey (she); Anna Pennell;
Probate named the following heirs: John Barnes, Anna Barnes; Ruth Webster, Nancy Daniel, heirs of Geo. Barnes, dec’d; heirs of Letty Isenhwer; heirs of THos. Barnes dec’d; Wm. Barnes, heirs of Eliz. Barnes dec’d; the heirs of Malinda Reid, Sarah Mitchel, and heirs of Roberts dec’d.

Also stated Rebecca had sold some land to “Patty Johnson”.
This requires editing:
Gale Nagy noted:  Here is what I extracted from Thomas Barnes estate settlement papers: George W. Barnes & wife Anna; Saml Johnson & wife Rebecca (My Sam -his 2nd wife); Joseph Icenhower & wife Letty; Allen Daniel & wifeNancy; Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes; Thomas Mitchell &wife Sarah; Jesse A. Reed & wife Malinda (decd); George Barnes; John Roberts & wife Jane; Ruth Webster; Thomas Barnes; John Barnes; William Barnes (represented by Willie Gaither) am presuming Willie Gaither is really Wiley Gaither.
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Editors notes regarding Dower rights:
Dower rights are defined as follows:
Dower rights arise upon the death of a spouse.  Dower is a wife’s interest in her husband’s property upon his death. It is a portion of a deceased husband’s real property, usually one-third, that a widow is legally entitled to use during her lifetime to support herself and their children.
Dower and Courtesy – are discussed in detail at

Gale Nagy 12:24 pm Mar 1 Names in the estate records above: Rene Johnson Medlock (my mother’s paternal grandmother) R.W. Munday – my mother’s maternal great-grandfather. All the Johnson’s are in the same families.

Gale Nagy

12:40 pm Mar 1

I extracted the above info. from original documents in Taylorsville. Also will add this from her estate sale: Buyers Also estate sale, 10/21/1876: from Faucett; R.W. Munday, E.A. Also J. Johnson, Daniel Johnson; M. Swaim, Anna Barnes, James Johnson, J.A. Watson, Rena Medlock -she bought 1 ax, loom and fix $2.78.; G.W. Long; et 1 Sale total $86.75; from $2.78.; sale $6.06. + 1 – Sale total $2.78.;
Gale Nagy 12:34 pm Mar 1 I didn’t know how the Barnes family was connected to mine. It wasn’t obvious until I had been doing research for a few years and discovered a second wife for Sam Johnson. I should also add that Rebecca Barnes Johnson’s death date would have been Sep. 1876 (no day known and no know burial place) Sam is buried w/ 1st wife at Antioch. See next post.

Speculation on who Thomas’s wife was:
Chris Barnes:   Different people will probably give you different answers. I currently think that this is Thomas Barnes Sr (son of Deaf John Barnes and married to JoAnne Murphree). I think there is a different “Thomas Barnes” (son of Handsome Jim Barnes and married to Letty Jane Barnes). Some researchers think these are the same Thomas Barnes’ and that he was married twice.
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The remaining text is from the editor.
The 1850 Census, Alexander, North Carolina recorded on; 11 Sep 1850, on microfilm Roll M432_619; Page: 144B; Fam 626 shows:
Thomas Barnes age 60, M, birth North Carolina, Farmer
Anna Barnes age 58, F, birth North Carolina
Rebecca Barnes age 30, F, birth North Carolina
Ann Barnes age 26, F, birth North Carolina
Jane Barnes age 22, F, birth North Carolina
Sally Barnes age 20, F, birth North Carolina
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This record confirms the annotated information above.
The actual Census record indicates that Thomas was a farmer with real estate valued at $1,200. Note that there were three Thomas Barnes’s listed in the 1850 Census of Alexander.  Clicking on: this link to Family Search website where you can get your own account for free, it will display the handwritten record, recorded by the census taker.    Clicking the (+) or -) symbol will allow you to change the size of the image.  By scrolling, you can see nearby households and their family members.  House numbers 625,626, 627, 628.  Get your Family Search Account and register to see the census for no charge.  Or paste in your browser, the following address:

Cornell University under a partnership agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economics, Statistics and Market Information System estimate farm values. On page 33, Chapter 1 of their report they found that the average value of a farm in 1850 was estimated at $11.14 per acre.
The report may be found online at