Margaret Ogilvie Biography

Margaret Ogilvie Biography

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I was born July 19, 1951, in San Francisco to an unwed mother named Coralee Murray. It is through her that I descend from Brinsley Barnes II, he is my 5th great-grandfather. She relinquished me, and I was adopted by James and Beth Ogilvie. I have a younger brother, also adopted. We grew up in the east bay hills in a little place called Kensington which is immediately north of Berkeley.

I attended U.C. Berkeley 1969-1973 and graduated with a degree in Physiology/Anatomy. After an internship at Ralph K. Davies Medical Center in S.F., I became a licensed Medical Technologist – now called Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I worked in Clinical Chemistry at St. Mary’s Hospital, S.F., and that is when I met my husband, Scott.

He was doing a pathology residency at UCSF, having been advised to go into research as he also has a Ph. D. in Molecular Biology. But he just hated it and decided he wanted to treat live patients. He started over with a residency in Internal Medicine in Los Angeles, and during that time we lived in Long Beach. I worked at Long Beach Memorial Hospital until shortly before my twin girls were born in 1987. After that, I did part-time work.

When our daughters were six weeks old, we moved to Santa Rosa, CA where my husband joined an Internal Medicine practice. We have been here ever since. It is a beautiful place, near the wine country and about an hour north of San Francisco and half an hour from the ocean. I am active in the Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance – physicians and spouses – we do fundraising to support programs that promote health in Sonoma County. Also, we are friends and have fun.

In 1992 Scott and I bought a Victorian house built around 1890. It needed a lot of work! It has been sometimes aggravating but ultimately rewarding. We have done a lot of remodeling! We have enjoyed being able to entertain large groups – and small! – and put up house guests.

I started in genealogy after I found my birth mother in the early ‘80’s. She and her family provided me with a good amount of information. So I started digging and have never stopped. I fell in with some interesting and knowledgeable researchers working on the Abernathy families of Virginia, which I go back to though Coralee’s grandmother, Rose. (Rose’s grandparents were Martha Barnes and Hardaway T. Abernathy.) In 2005, to sort out these Abernathys, we started the Abernathy DNA Surname Project, which is ongoing. We wanted to set up a simple website to provide information and show our results, so I began learning HTML

When the Medical Alliance developed a website, I offered to help and realized I needed better skills, so since 2008 I have been taking classes at our local J.C. in web design, programming, and Photoshop.

I really enjoy working on websites. I designed and maintain both the Alliance and the Abernathy Surname websites using HTML and CSS, in which I am quite competent, and a little of PHP and JavaScript, with whom I have a nodding acquaintance. I don’t write the last two languages from scratch, but if I find code written by somebody else, sometimes I can get it to work.

Our daughters are all grown up, and both are married. One lives here is an R.N. and had a little boy last July. The other lives in Pasadena and has just finished her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology. Very proud and thankful!