Newsletter February 2019

Newsletter February 2019

The Oxford Clan by the late Dale Reid of Caldwell County, North Carolina is our featured article. The article is an extremely well researched endovers many the descendants of James Oxford and Hannah BARNES Oxford. Their son William Dotson Oxford, Sr. (1822-1903) lists all of his descendants born before 1948. It also provides some information regarding Handsome Jim Barnes and spouse Sarah Carter.

With the transition from Hugh to Julie, The Barnes of Kentucky and Missouri was removed from the menu. It is now back on the menu for your review.

Future Articles:
Late next month The Lineage of the Honorable Roy E. Barnes former Governor of Georgia will be available. This was compiled by Vice-President Lauren Barnes-Collier with extensive edits by Jeanette Mott Oxford.

Kari Oxford of Indiana will soon begin work on an article about Wendy Oxford a Captain in Charles I royal army and will include a transcript of his 1652 trial before Parliament as a Loyalist. We hope to locate the book he wrote while exiled to Holland. Wendy was the father of our immigrant John.

The Reverend Dr. Ted Sherrill minister of First Baptist Church, North Charleston, South Carolina will provide an article on the role of Christianity in the Barnes, Oxford, Blair, and Sherrill families.

Hugh and Lauren are researching an article on Kingsbury’s Artillery Unit officially known as NC Artillery 1st Company, North Carolina Line of the American Revolution. Deaf John Barnes served as a Gunner Sergeant in the unit.

Other Developments:

Were it not for the pioneering research by Warren E. “Mick” Barnes of Indiana we would not know of Brinsley. Mick’s biography, photo, and initial research efforts are now a part of our menu.

I descend from immigrant Brinsley Barnes, b1713, thru his son Brinsley II thru his son Brinsley III thru his son Thomas thru his son Thomas thru his son Thomas thru his son Willard to me, Warren, aka Mick.

I was born & raised in Wayne County, Indiana, spent a hitch in our Navy, obtained a BS & MS in Electrical Engineering and worked as an electrical engineer primarily for the Magnavox Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana before retiring as an Engineer-Scientist in 1996. My guidance in genealogy was promoted by my wife Barbara who had compiled quite a bit of information on her Toppin & Judkins families. Barbara used her experience as an elementary teacher as the foundation for discipline & thoroughness in compiling her family histories. Documentation and confirmation were her guidelines and ‘always try to get to the geographical source of the information’ was her motto.

My entry into genealogy research was initialized with some of the contents provided in two family histories of the Barnes family produced independently by Scott Hosier circa 1966 and Ruth Amy Barnes circa 1976. Both histories identified Brinsley as being the immigrant ancestor to their Barnes families. Further, Hosier’s history identified Chester County, PA as the birthplace of Brinsley’s daughter, Anne, and Ruth Amy’s history identified specific Chester County, PA, Tax lists for immigrant Brinsley. In the Fall of 1997, we made our first visit to Chester County, PA.

Barbara Weir, Archivist for Chester County Archives & Records, West Chester, PA did some extensive research for me re Brinsley and provided copies of tax records & court records as well as insight to immigrant Brinsley’s involvement with the Quaker church. Following her advice, I travelled on to Swarthmore College to search the actual Quaker records contained in the Friends Historical Library and obtain copies of my findings. I stayed in contact with Chester County and Swarthmore for several years by requesting additional specific information from same.

In discovering/following the trail of immigrant Brinsley Barnes and families from the William Penn Quaker settlements in Chester County, PA, to and through the counties of NC, I have tried to glean (collect gradually and bit by bit) information from the legal/public documentation created by immigrant Brinsley et al. And, in doing so, my main objective was to give ‘life’ to many of these wonderful ancestors.

Robert L. “Bob” McNeely who like many of us descends from both families is currently on a 144-day worldwide cruise. He has only occasional Internet connections but reported to Board member Linda Wall this week that he was in Siri Lanka. In May, he returns and will be moving from Chattanooga to Morganton where he will serve as a member of the Board of the Burke Genealogical Society.

I recently learned that Union Baptist Church chartered in 1814 had its handwritten minutes that began that year. James Oxford was released from The New Meeting House (present-day AntiochBaptist). He and 12-year-old Elizabeth Barnes were charter members. Elizabeth was the daughter of Brinsley and granddaughter of Deaf John. The Church has agreed for us to scan these minutes and add them to our website. Few have seen them. I got a recent peak, and all indications are they will contain a goldmine of the social history of the era.

Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Index: The SAR is building an index of an article of Patriots who served in the Revolutionary War. The following article that appears on the Foundations website are being submitted: Brinsley Barnes II, James “Handsome Jim” Barnes,” Jehu Barnes, John Barnes, and Samuel Oxford. The individual copyright holders will receive full credit for these. We need articles on Thomas Barnes, Brinsley, Sr., sons-in-laws Jacob Teague, and Samuel Carter all of whom served in the Chatham County militia. Little information is needed concerning military service other than proof that they served which we have.

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