Newsletter July 2019

Newsletter July 2019
Happy Birthday America and Happy 4th of July Everyone!

It was our original intent to provide you with a very long newsletter in which many topics could be browsed at your convenience. Our schedule has been interrupted, so we are presenting you with this shortened edition and will release another edition in about a month.

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This issue covers the following articles or additions to former articles:

Genealogy of The Honorable Roy E. Barnes former Governor of Georgia. His genealogy was compiled by Lauren Barnes-Collier and edited by Jeanette Mott Oxford. Link to view the article here:

William Taylor Barnes by John LaRue. Linked here to read his article:

St. Brides Parish in Dublin. Birthplace of Brinsley Barnes, Sr. (5 February 1713-1796). Includes a map and link to page here

A branch of the Federal government the Southern Claims Commission existed from 1871-1880. It was created under President Ulysses S. Grant. Its purpose was to allow Union sympathizers who had lived in the Southern states during the American Civil War to be reimbursed for property. These losses were due to U.S. Army confiscations during the war. Solomon D. Barnes (1846-1925) filed an unsuccessful petition to the Commission in December of 1875. That 29-page petition has been added to his article near the bottom of the page. Link to article here:

Increased researching will result in more frequent newsletters. The next newsletter will include the following articles and will be available in about a month:
The Great Barnes Migration
Brinsley and his Irish descendants to America
Solomon and his English descendants to America
New Leads on Tracking Information about Solomon Barnes, Sr. circa 184-1807
DNA – what you should be doing with your research
A list of Barnes who participated in the American Revolution
An Update and Change Log of Information on the website

Faith-Based Leadership: When the Odds are Stacked Against You
To those of you who have visited this website, my good friend Linda Kimberling should not be a stranger. Linda authored the articles on Deaf John Barnes and his brother James, “Handsome Jim”. Linda has given up genealogy to follow the will of God and aid orphans which she once was while defeating insurmountable odds.

I want to bring your attention to her book. My first contact with Linda came about through a shared common ancestor Revolutionary War Patriot Deaf John Barnes. That friendship soon led, to emails, phone calls and finally a meeting that primarily centered around our shared faith in God. Linda has gone on to author the book:

I had the opportunity to read it before its publication. If you are a Christian leader, you will find it a must read. The book explores how you can have an impact for Christ in the workforce, or wherever God has placed you. Linda shares life lessons from forty years of experience in the business world. With seven godly principles of spiritual leadership in a secular environment. Her insightful testimony as a Christian woman serving as a CFO and COO is full of motivational tips for professional growth with Christ-centered influence. This book describes how to become a God-honoring leader as one climbs the corporate ladder or witnesses for Jesus Christ, our ultimate CEO. With her inspiration for Christian men and women in the workplace, you will find encouragement as she challenges you to face the atheistic world of business with an eternal perspective, and lead with confidence and courage as you walk into your God-given destiny.

A product herself of a troubling early life in the foster care system, I was astounded to learn this about my friend. Despite the challenges she faced, some of her professional accomplishments included serving as a member of the faculty of Southern Illinois University and Assistant Commissioner & CFO at Treasury’s Financial Management Service Agency.

The last position she held when she retired from the Department of Energy. Upon retirement, Linda and her husband Kevin formed Log Cabin Quilt’N Sew where among other things, she creates and gifts quilts to children in child-placement institutions.

Proceeds from the book provide materials for the quilts that are gifted to foster children, so they have something that is truly their own. Your purchase will support this very worthy charitable cause. The book can be purchased through, but you will be making a larger contribution to her charitable organization by purchasing it directly from the Christian publisher Xulon Books.
Link Directly to Linda’s Book at Xulon Books
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