Teresa Fortenberry Bio

Teresa Fortenberry Bio

Teresa is retired from the DeKalb County school system in Georgia where, for 25 years, she provided technology support for the students and staff of her assigned schools.

Teresa is a member of neither the Barnes nor Oxford families, but will take the lead in a major article on the War of Regulation. In 1976, her parents and sister began researching the family’s genealogy which led to the writing and publishing of the family book “The Fortenberry Families of Southern Mississippi” in 1984. It is this book which currently drives Ms. Fortenberry’s desire to continue growing the family tree.

Teresa is a co-manager for the FTDNA-Fortenberry project. She occasionally writes blog articles for her sister’s (Andie Fortenberry Criminger) blog webpage: fortenberry.wordpress.com and will sometimes write a poem specifically requested by her sister for the blog. A Mayflower descendant, she has been a member of the Mayflower Society since 2015 and is a member of her local Genealogical Society as well as the Amite County, MS Genealogical, and Historical Society.

Teresa’s current work concerns include her Goslin ancestors, families involved with the Regulators, and her ancestors who were early Colonial immigrants. However, the present research and work on her agenda also covers pushing neglected family lineages a little further back and providing supporting documentation for these families. She is learning how DNA results can be used as a tool to further this research.

Odd notes:
Teresa has taken over 10,000 photographs of wild mushrooms (some of which are edible) and is a lifetime member of the Mushroom Club of Georgia which is Georgia Mushrooming on Facebook.
…..over 3,000 photographs of wildflowers.
…..writes the story behind the old family photograph.
…..enjoys her mother’s Polish heritage and her father’s Southern roots.