The Oxford Clan by Dale Reid

The Oxford Clan

Written by the late Dale Reid of Caldwell County, North Carolina

This is a very well research history and genealogy of the Oxfords down the line of William Dotson Oxford son of James and Hannah Barnes Oxford. It also covers some information regarding Handsome Jim Barnes and his spouse Sarah Carter.
The First Colonials
The Oxford Family, who was Welsh in origin, came to America by way of England and was one of the earliest families to settle in what is now the Commonwealth of Virginia. The earliest known immigrants in Virginia named Oxford were JOHN, CHRISTOPHER, and WILLIAM OXFORD who came to Virginia in 1636, 1637, and 1638. They settled in James City County, Charles River, and later in North Cumberland, Stafford, and Culpepper Counties.
Although a direct connection has not been established between our earliest known ancestor, SAMUEL OXFORD and one of these immigrants it is believed that he was either a grandson or great-grandson of one of them. This Samuel was a member of St Paul’s Parish in Stafford County as early as 1720 and after 1738, a member of Overton Parish. He had either a brother or cousin, ROGER OXFORD of Culpepper County (St Marks Parish), and it appears a sister, ELIZABETH, a member of St Paul’s parish.
SAMUEL OXFORD (B-May 27, 1707 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, England) was married in 1723 to MARY BROWN (B-about 1701 in Virginia). Samuel and Mary Brown Oxford’s children were: Editors Note: Later research by Dr. Robert L. McNeely has found this to be incorrect. Samuel was the son of John and was born in northern Virginia. His father was Johns. See: John Oxford (1639-1719) (Immigrant) (
EDWARD OXFORD (B-1735, Stafford County, VA; D-Feb 1795, Wilkes County, GA). He married MARY BRIGGS (B-1735 in VA; D-March 10, 1809 in GA).
JOHN OXFORD (B-Nov 3, 1731, Stafford County, VA). ANN OXFORD (B-Dec
28, 1733, Stafford County, VA).
ELIZABETH OXFORD (B-Aug 7, 1736, Stafford County, VA).
SAMUEL OXFORD, JR. (B-Jan 4, 1742, Stafford County, VA; D-1811 in NC)

1st Carolinians
The first settler to cross the Catawba River and settle on the west side was ADAM SHERRILL in 1747. This was in the vicinity of Sherrill’s Ford in present-day Catawba County. By 1752, not more than a dozen families lived west of the Catawba in this whole region.
In 1752, Bishop Spangenberg and a party of surveyors from the Moravian Church went up the Catawba River seeking a 100,000-acre tract of land they had purchased from Lord Granville. They were seeking a body of land, mostly in one tract, to settle a town that could be called Salem. They found a white man, Jonathon A Barrett, living with a tribe of Catawba Indians near where the Friendship Lutheran Church now stands in Alexander County. It is at the south end of Barrett’s Mountain, which is named after him, on the east side of the Catawba River.
Jonathon Barrett wed one of the Catawba Indians named Jar Fly Jarmin, and they had three children. One son, Abel, had dark skin like the Indians, and when the tribe left the area, he went with them. One daughter, Elizabeth, wed Johnston King and stayed in the area. The second daughter, BATHSHEBA, wed SAMUEL OXFORD, JR
SAMUEL OXFORD, JR was born in Virginia, Jan 4, 1742. He came to North Carolina with his Mother and Father shortly after Jonathon Barrett, and settled in what was then Rowan County, later Burke, then Lincoln, and now Catawba County.
On the south side of the Catawba River, opposite Barrett’s Mountain, SAMUEL OXFORD, JR. “squatted’ and raised a cabin. It was about 24 X 30 feet as shown by the comer pillars and a single rotted log that was still visible in the early 1900s. Applications for land grants were made to the governor and his council at New Bern, which was 250 miles away. Due to this time and distance, many settlers did not get their grants for several years after they settled. SAMUEL OXFORD’s first grant was #602, dated October 27, 1778, for 300 acres laying on the south side of the Catawba River above the foot of the Long Branch and lower end of Rockett Creek. He also purchased a large tract of land on the north side of the river from John Perviance, joining the land of Jonathan Barrett. It is believed that SAMUEL OXFORD, SR died between 1757 and 1778, because in 1779 his wife MARY ANN received a grant for 100 acres on the west side of Lower Little River where it enters the Catawba, which is about a mile below the present Oxford Dam.
SAMUEL OXFORD, JR. raised a cabin on the brow of a small ridge that ran from a higher hill down to the river. At this place, he found a place where horses could cross the river when the depth of the water was normal. He later built a rough show or flatboat that he used as a ferry. Samuel operated this ferry for many, many years. Abel Bowman of Alexander County later became the operator. A post office was established on November 5, 1873, but was discontinued March 31, 1903.
In 1928, Duke Power Co. built a large dam and electric power plant about 1/4 mile below the Oxford Ford. This dam was named Oxford Dam after SAMUEL OXFORD. Water backed up ten miles from the dam, and over the former Oxford Ford, the water is 50 feet deep. The old house site was still high above the surface of the lake.
During the time Samuel operated the ferry along this much-traveled route, “hard money” was hard to get and much sought after. Justices, comprising the county courts set the rates that ferrymen could charge for the services they provided. This rate ran from two pence for a single man or animal to one shilling for a wagon and team. These fees, while small, were almost always paid in coin, or “hard money”. It is not known what other sources of income he had as commodities bringing cash were very sparse this far from the coast. They were mostly hides of game, feathers, tallow, and beeswax. Anyway, Samuel accumulated a large amount of “hard money”, and people who lived in this neighborhood said he buried a peck of gold and silver coins on the place near his home. As a result, treasure seekers dug dozens of holes over the hillsides near the ruins of his cabin. Samuel Jr. was buried a short distance from his cabin on
the brow of a hill overlooking the lordly, rolling Catawba River, which is now a majestic I Lake Hickory.
Also, at this home, SAMUEL and BATHSHEBA BARRETT OXFORD, daughter of Jonathon Barrett, reared eleven children. At one time during the Revolution, Samuel had to take his family and flee over the Yadkin and Dan River to his old home in Virginia to escape the depredations of the Tories. When the fighting stopped, he returned to his home on the Catawba and spent the rest of his life there.
SAMUEL Lil (B-1766), married BARBARA ICHARD and moved to Kentucky where he settled and died.
JONATHON (8-Aug 6, 1772) married ELIZABETH WHITE, moved to Georgia where his bones still lie.
JOHN (B-1776), moved to Ohio where he lived and died. JACOB moved to Missouri where he lived and died.
ABEL (B-1780), moved to Arkansas where he lived and died. WILLIAM (B-1771), moved to Kentucky where he lived and died. ISAAC (B-1775), moved to Kentucky with William. He never married. BARSHEBA CAROLINE (B-Nov 4, 1774) wed JACOB BYLER. ELIZABETH (B-1786), wed JAMES METCALF.
NANCY (B-1770), wed AD. MOODY.
JAMES, the second son (8-May 3,1768 in Rowan County; D-Feb 11,1846) settled about 15 miles away on the waters of the Upper Little River in Burke County, now Caldwell County. He lived and died there and is buried in the Union Baptist Church Cemetery. After he (James, son of Samuel Jr) settled in Burke County, he often made trips to Charleston, SC for supplies. On one such trip, he bought a large, intelligent Negro boy, who had just been brought from Africa. After purchasing the required supplies, he returned with the young savage to what proved to be a happy home. The boy was received with kindness, and his response to fair and humane treatment was a growing attachment to every member of the family. This good feeling between master and slave remained unbroken until the death of his master. For ease of speaking, the boy’s name was Jack. As there were several young boys in the Oxford home about his age, he soon became contented and felt at home. With plenty of wholesome food, work, and play, he grew into a very strong man and was considered to be one of the kindest,
most trusted slaves in the area. He attended church, and like most slaves, had musical talent. Jack married Zylphia, a female that belonged to Major John Barnes. However, when James Oxford died February 11, 1864, the estate had to be settled and to great grief of the family, old Jack was sold to a slave dealer from Mississippi. The dealer also bought Zylphia so they were not separated. It was a very sad group that gathered next morning to bid the faithful couple goodbye. Old Jack expressed his appreciation to kindness he had received and voiced his regrets in having to leave the only home he had known since being stolen from his jungle hut in Africa.
JAMES OXFORD became a wealthy man and prosperous landowner and his recorded land transactions include:
In 1793 a grant for 60 acres on Marrow’s Creek that runs into Upper Little River.
In 1799 a grant for 100 acres on Steeles Fork Middle Little River joining George Brown.
In 1799 a grant for 25 acres at the fork of Clarks Little River.
In 1799 a grant for 80 acres on Clarks Little River that runs through his plantation. In 1802 a grant for 100 acres on Middle Little River.
In 1812 a grant for 25 acres on Middle Little River joining Jacob Winkler, John Steele, Donald Gray.
In 1812 a grant for 53 acres joining his own and Samuel Steele.
In 1813 a grant for 20 acres on Upper Little River.
There are also other references about James Oxford selling the property and giving land to his children.
In 1798 he bought for 40 shillings 80 acres on Second or Middle Little River. September 8, 1803, sold to John Steele four tracts of land – 100 acres, 25 acres
In 1813, he bought on Middle Little River joining his and Edwin Brown’s land.
In 1827 bought 50 acres on the waters of Middle Little River joining his own and Joel Brown land.
60 acres, 80 acres.
In 1832, bought 30 acres on Upper Little River. In 1834, bought 25 acres on Upper Little River.
October 5, 1839, gave to ADAM OXFORD 100 acres.
February 21, 1840, gave to WILLIAM D. OXFORD 325 acres (his homeplace). February 26, 1840, gave to ELISHA OXFORD 275 acres on Middle Little River.
July 21, 1841, gave to ISSAC OXFORD 170 acres on Marrows Creek, Upper Little River.
April 22, 1844, gave to JOHN OXFORD 100 acres.
April 4, 1846, sold to JOHN OXFORD 100 acres.
In the May 1884 term of court, a deed of conveyance from HANNAH OXFORD, widow, was made to WILLIAM D. OXFORD for interest in the unsold lands of JAMES OXFORD, deceased.

JAMES’ first wife was AILSIE ROBARDS (now ROBERTS) and their children SAMUEL wed a GILBERT.
JAMES, JR. wed MARY PENNELL on February 16, 1815. NANCY wed BURTON REID.
WILLIAM died about two months after his birth and death of his mother.

(B-May 3, 1778; D-October 19, 1849) in 1806. James took Hannah to his farm located in the Little River Township on the Marrows Creek (now Morris Creek) ten miles east of Lenoir and one mile east of Union Baptist Church. This farm was 445 acres, which he had bought and got from land grants. By 1815, he had bought more land and was taxed for 1285 acres and two slaves, total value $1,022.60. This farm was also the voting place for Burke County when Burke County went to the Tennessee state line. About a mile east of this farm, another prominent family named Downs had established residence. In the 1850s or 1860s, the community became known as Downsville. A Post Office was opened at Downsville on August 18, 1873. Aron Downs was the first Postmaster. The Post Office closed in 1903.
Hannah Barnes was the daughter of James and Sarah Carter Barnes. James Barnes was born in Pennsylvania in 1722. His parents came to America from Ireland with a company of William Penn’s Quakers. Editor’s Note: James’s father Brinsley did come from Ireland in about but not as a part of the Penn Company.
James Carter was a successful businessman and a wealthy merchant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When James Barnes was 27 years old, he met Sarah Carter (Born 1733), who was eleven years younger than he and began courting her.
This did not suit the older Carters, so the young couple eloped. They rode to North Carolina by horseback and settled in what was then Wilkes County. They settled at a spot one mile north of where Taylorsville is now located. It was near the old Harrington Graveyard in Alexander County. They had a daughter, Sarah Carter (Born 1733).
James Barnes entered a large boundary of land between his home and the Brushy Mountains as his claim. He, later in life, gave that land to his son Edward Barnes. He then moved with his wife Sarah and children (John, Michael, and Hannah Barnes) to a place in Burke County, now Caldwell, that is now called the old Rufus Brown homeplace. He lived in this place until 1822 and to the age of 100 years. This was about two miles from the James Oxford farm.
In 1822, JAMES OXFORD and wife HANNAH BARNES moved her parents, James and Sarah Barnes, into the Oxford family homeplace. James Barnes was a stubborn man and he could not get along with the Oxfords. At the age of 100 years, he shouldered his rifle, left North Carolina, and walked to Indiana and lived with his grandson. He was still able to walk 5 miles to church for 10 more years. He died and was buried there. Sarah continued to live with her daughter, Hannah Oxford, until Sarah died in 1829 at the age of 96. She is buried at Union Baptist Church.
JAMES and HANNAH BARNES OXFORD’s children were: ALISEY (B-about 1803) wed ELIPHALET CROUCH.
ADAM BARNES, who became a Baptist preacher, wed BARBARA MCLEOD on January 5, 1830, and had eight children. The children of ADAM BARNES OXFORD and BARBARA MCLEOD OXFORD were: HUGH A, WILLIAM W., JAMES H., MARY ANN, HANNAH L., JOHN, ISAAC L., and ELIZABETH.
HUGH A OXFORD was killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Chancellorsville. WILLIAM W. OXFORD also served the Confederacy and died in a hospital in Kentucky.
JAMES H. OXFORD served in the Civil War and settled in Texas. MARY ANN OXFORD wed WILLIAM ROBINSON and lived in Texas.
JOHN OXFORD wed ANNEY LAND and lived in Alexander County.
After BARBARA MCLEOD OXFORD died in 1861, ADAM BARNES OXFORD married MARY KERLEE, and their children were: LILLY, BARNES, IDA, SARAH ETTA,
LILLY OXFORD wed JEFFERSON TEAGUE and lived near Washington D.C.
BARNES OXFORD also lived near Washington D.C. IDA OXFORD died young
BOONE and EDWARD lived in Caldwell County.
MARY ANN OXFORD wed JOHN SHERRILL and had eight children.
JACOB OXFORD wed ABIGAIL DAY, had two children and settled in Georgia about 1822.
JOHN OXFORD wed MIRA FREEMAN and moved to Illinois. They had several
children, but Mira Freeman died there, and John wed SUSAN HODGE, and they had children.
AMANDA (B-May 27,1842), wed J. ROBINSON BELL, lived in Taylorsville and their children were: Carrie Bell, Dovie Bell, Sarah Jane Bell, Charlie Bell, and John Bell. ELLEN FLORINDA wed BURRELL BOWMAN and had one child, LULA BOWMAN.
JAMES JEFFERSON (8-May 3, 1847) was in the Confederate Army stationed at Camp Vance. He was captured in a raid on the camp by Union soldiers on June 27,
He was taken to Camp Douglas as a Prisoner of War, where he died September 10, 1864.
MARY SELENA (B-Nov 2,1849), wed WILLIAM E. WHITE, and their children were:
Junis White, Arthur White, Fannie White, Lawrence White, Carl White, Parks White, Maude White, and Luther White.
ELISHA CHAMBERS OXFORD, after the death of EVALINE BRADBURN, married SARAH BLAIR, and their children were:
HUGH married MAGGIE MILSTEAD and had nine children. IVA married REV. OSCAR KELLER and had five children.
BESSIE HILL (B-Aug 17,1886; D-May 15,1971), married JOHN CASWELL SHERRILL, and their children were: Ernest Sherrill, Poe Sherrill, Parks Sherrill, Kent, , Caswell (Tyke) Sherrill, Merrick Sherrill, Mabel Sherrill, Ruth Sherrill, Nita Sherrill, and Shirley Sherrill.
ELISHA died in February 1890 at the age of 75.
ISAAC (B-June 23, 1810; D-Jan 10, 1899) wed LORETTA (LETTY) HARRINGTON (B-April 2, 1812; D-Jan 19, 1812). Their children were: William C., James, Rebecca Mariah, Sion Harrington.
WILLIAM C. OXFORD (B-1830; D1903) is buried at Antioch Baptist Church in Alexander County. He married MARTHA REID and had thirteen children. (8 girls and 5 boys).
JAMES OXFORD wed MARTHA LOUDERMILK and had seven children, four of whom died in infancy. James was the keeper of the Caldwell County’s Poor home for many years.
REBECCA MARIAH OXFORD wed JACOB MCCALL of the Gamewell section.
SION HARRINGTON OXFORD (B-Dec 25, 1835; D-Mar 23, 1917) wed
ELIZABETH REID (B-Aug 12, 1844; D-April 18, 1917) who was the daughter of Andy Reid. SION HARRINGTON and ELIZABETH REID OXFORD’s children were:
SARAH (B-Nov. 22, 1870; D-Sept. 28,1943). Never married.
PENDER (B-Aug 8,1873; Killed May 28, 1895).
CORNELIA (B-Jan 11, 1876; D-July 25, 1955). Married LELAND ANDERSON and had seven children.
W. GORDON (B-Mar 28,1878; Kill d May 28, 1895).
ELIJA (B-Sept 3, 1881; D-Feb 21,1953), married ELLA MINNIE HART (B-Feb. 9,
1880; D-Jan 1, 1969). Their children were:
WADE HARRINGTON (B-March 3, 1900), married Sylvia Cannon and had five children.
ROSE LEE (B-July 9, 1903) married MARVIN ANNAS and had six children.
LINDA ELIZABETH (B-Sept 28, 1905) married WALTER LANEY, and had two children.
HESSIE MAE (B-May 16, 1909; D-April 13, 1985) married GEORGE STAMES
and had five children.
JAMES H. (BUD) married ESSIE and had two children.
JOHN DEAN (B-Jan 25, 1913).
ALICE KATHERINE (8-Feb 4, 1915).
TOYE ADELINE (B-Jan 28, 1917).
VIRGINIA RUTH (B-June 23, 1919).
PARALEE (B-April 14,1883; D-Dec 24, 1958) married JOHN HART (B-July 7,
1882; D-July 7, 1976), who was a brother of ELLA HART, who was the wife of ELIJA. Their children were: Lawrence, Pearl, Sion, Walter, Clay, Bertha, Bessie, Ralph, Edd, Ray, and James.
On May 28, 1895, two sons of SION AND ELIZABETH OXFORD, PENDER and GORDON were killed by a sawmill steam boiler explosion. The explosion killed two other men and injured two more. Pender and Gordon were passing by the mill and stopped to talk. The explosion threw them 50 feet, fractured their skulls, blew their brains out, broke multiple bones, and killed them instantly. They were buried at Union Church.
ISAAC married his second wife, MARY C. FRAZER of the Kings Creek section of Caldwell County on November 2, 1892. REV. ISAAC OXFORD was the most noted and prominent of the Oxford family. He was a man of fine mind, decided conviction, and had an iron will, but was a model citizen and kind neighbor. He was a farmer all his
life. He joined Union Baptist Church in 1847 and was licensed to preach in 1848, and I was ordained in 1850. He served as pastor of 16 churches; 6 in Caldwell, 4 in Alexander, 2 in Catawba, 2 in Wilkes, and 1 in Burke. He also presided over the organization of the Caldwell County Baptist Association. He assisted in the formation of four associations. He traveled and preached in seven states. He married and baptized a great number of people. He served Caldwell County as a deputy sheriff for a number of years and was chairman of the County Commissioners for several terms. During the Civil War he found a Federal soldier asleep in a fodder stack on his farm. He woke him and asked him to surrender, but the soldier, who was an escaped prisoner from a southern prison camp, refused. He was unarmed but picked up a rock to defend himself. Mr. Oxford caught him in his arms, and held him until his wife brought a gun. The Yankee surrendered, but Mr. Oxford took him into his house, fed him breakfast, and took him to Lenoir and turned him over to the authorities. The older generation of
Oxfords were generally long-lived, with ages from 75 to 92 years. They were physically strong and robust, industrious, and hard-working people. They were honest, truthful, and law-abiding, and were generally Baptist in religion, and Democratic in politics.
ADAM B. OXFORD helped to lay out Caldwell County and was a magistrate for many years.
ELISHA OXFORD was the Captain of a company of Lenoir Reserves during the Civil War.
TEAGUE and had six children:
WILLIAM DOTSON (B-July 5,1822; D-May 14,1903) married HARRIET MALINDA SHELL (B-May 20, 1830; D-Dec 25, 1891). Both are buried at Union Baptist Church. William Dotson Oxford and Harriet Malinda Shell were wed on April 29, 1845, which was one week before her 15th birthday. William’s wife, Harriet, was the daughter of William Shell (B-1802; D-1883) and Cynthia Elvira Davis (B-1803; D-1885) who were married October 7, 1823, and their children were: Tillman, John Tipton, (who became a Baptist preacher), Margaret, Harriet, William, Jr. (killed in the Civil War), James, Lydia, and Azor. William Shell’s (father of Harriet) father was John Shell. He was born in Burke County, which is now Catawba, and was raised near the mouth of Gunpowder
Creek on the Catawba River. JOHN SHELL married MARGARET MCCALL and had niine children. John Shell was the son of Johannes Schell and Catherine Feighley. Johannes was born in Pennsylvania, and Catherine was born in Switzerland. Johannes’ family sold their land in Pennsylvania and moved to Hagerstown Maryland, where Johannes married
Johannes married Catherine in 1772. They came to North Carolina in 1786 and got land grants for land south of present-day Hickory. He had hundreds of acres in the area of Henry River and Jacobs Fork Creek intersection and also on Hops Creek. They came to North Carolina in 1786 and got a land grant south of present-day Hickory. He had hundreds of acres in the area of Henry’s River and Jacobs Creek intersection and also Hops Creek. They had ten children.
WILLIAM SHELL’s wife, CYNTHIA DAVIS, was born in Burke County, now western Caldwell County, near Hartland, in the area of Celia Creek and Husband Creek. Her father was William Davis. Cynthia Davis had four brothers and four sisters. Two of the sisters, their families, her father, and uncle sold their land about 1825 and moved to Haywood County, NC and Cocke County, Tennessee. The William Shell family went with the Davis family to Tennessee because John Tipton Shell was born in Tennessee in January 1828. William and Cynthia Shell returned to Burke County by 1830 and got land adjoining the Oxford Farm.
In the 1860 census William and Harriet and their six children were living at his father’s, James Oxford, old home place, which had been granted to William “as a gift” from his father On Feb 26, 1840. On August 2, 1863, William enlisted as a private in Company I, 26th Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army. He survived the battle of Bristoe Station (October 1863), the Battle of the Wilderness, and the Spotsylvania Court House (May 1864). He went on to survive the trench warfare around Petersburg, plus the starvation and freezing cold of the winter of 1864-65, only to be captured 15 days before General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox. On March 30, 1865 he was sent to the Point Lookout Prison for Confederates, where his brother, Sgt. James Oxford was also being held. A brother-in-law, George Shell, had also been held there since October 1863. Despite being captured and suffering in the prison camp, he was very lucky to have survived the war. He went through the war without being wounded or confined to a hospital for an illness. After his release from prison, he returned home to his farm and family. He and Harriet had five more children. They also raised thoroughbred horses and kept a large orchard of June Apple trees. Since he lived beside the Lenoir-to-Taylorsville Road, and gave June Apples to anyone going by his house, he gained the nickname “June Apple Bill”. A surviving newspaper article memorializes his life in the fashion.
“William Dotson Oxford, born July 5, 1822, died May 14, 1903; age 80 years, 10
months, 9 days. One of the old landmarks of Little River has gone to his reward. Mr. Oxford was well and favorably known by almost every man in Caldwell County. His generosity was unbounded, as many can testify. He has kept open house for 50 years, and no man left it hungry, or in want of anything Mr. Oxford could provide for him. He was always kind, always cheerful, and had a word of encouragement for every person with whom he came into contact. Mr. Oxford was, in many respects, a remarkable man. He was never in bed with sickness a day in his life, and when the summons came he was sitting out of doors and died in the arms of his devoted son, William D. Oxford Jr. He read the bible daily and seemed all the while to grow in grace, and it can be truly said of him, his later days were his brightest. He testified a few days before the end that he got much comfort from the promises of God and from the old songs that were sung 50 years ago.”
His wife, Harriet, died on Christmas Day, 1891. In April 1894, after Harriet’s
death, William married MRS. MALINDA ROBERTS (B-Feb 10,1834; 0-1907, buried at Union Baptist Church). She was the widow of William Roberts Jr. and the daughter of Isaac Anderson.
CYNTHIA E. (B-July 9, 1846: O-March 26, 1935) married JAMES CALVIN
POARCH (B-May 13, 185 I; O-January 3, 1900) on January 5, 1871, and had these children: William, Georgia E., James C., Nancy Lela, Azor, Harriet Cordie, Martha, and Delsie.
(B-1872: D-I920), and had these children: Calvin, Bertie Estelle, Lulu Catherine, Thelma Gertrude, Walter Russell, Kittie Mae, James Briant, and Martha Faye.
CALVIN POARCH (B-1891; 0-1915).
GEORGIA E. POARCH (B-August 28, 1872; O-May 15, 1960), wed FRANKLIN
WHITE (B-1865), and had 7 children;
JAMES C. POARCH (B-October 14, 1875; 0-August 15, 1957)
NANCY LELA POARCH (B-1878), wed JOHN HAAS, and had 5 children
AZOR POARCH (B-Sept 6, 1882; O-June 5, 1952), wed MOLLIE TRIPLETT
(B-1890), and they had Essie, Harlie, Roy, Frank, Arvis, Thad, and four other children. He wed the second time to ALVIS WALSER, and they had four children,
HARRIET CORDIE POARCH (B-October 2, 1883; D-September 3, 1956), wed
OZROE TRIPLETT and their children were: ARNOLD (never married).
ANSELL (never married).
BEATRICE (wed a Greene). HAROLD (wed Hazel).
DEVON (wed Mattie Lee Absher). RUTH (wed Jim Clark).
FAITH (wed Jack Austin).
MARTHA POARCH (B-October 21, 1886; D-January 5, 1977). She wed
CHARLIE WHITE (B-June 6, 1894; D-December 15, 1962). Their children:
VOM’JIE wed RAYMOND CREEDMORE, one child. JOHN wed MARY ICARD, four children.
WARREN wed KATRINA FOX, two children.
PEARL wed FRED COOK, four children.
WILLIAM (BILL) wed JUANITA LAIL, five children.
J.C. (JAKE) wed JOYCE BOLLINGER, no children.
DOLSIE POARCH (B-April 21, 1890; D-May 24, 1978) wed THOMAS LAND (B- February 15, 1887).
Their children:
WOODROW wed SUE REID, three boys and two girls. BILL wed KATIE MONTGOMERY, one boy and two girls.
DEE wed first time to PETE BOLICK and had one son. Pete Bolick was killed in World War II. She wed the second time to TURNMIRE and had three girls.
JAMES LIVINGSTON (JIM) (B-May 23, 1849; D-January 2, 1928), wed SYNDEY CAROLINE SMALL (8-Aug 4, 1855; D-August 17, 1929). In 1880 Jim, his wife, and two children were living in the Little River Township in the area of present-day Fox Road. He was a tanner and lived next to his sisters, Cynthia and Selena Poarch. After the death of his father in 1903, he moved his family to Morganton, NC where he lived until his death in 1928. From the Morganton News Herald, January 5, 1928:
“Another of the old Confederate soldiers answered the final roll call early Monday morning when James L. Oxford passed away at his home in Morganton. Mr Oxford was born in Little River Township, Caldwell County in 1849. He served in the Confederate Army under Col. McDowell and always took great pride in his fine record as a soldier. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at Grace Episcopal Church, of which he was a member for 26 years. The service was conducted by Rev. Leroy John and interment made in Forest Hill cemetery. His wife, seven children, and 28 grandchildren survive. Acting as pallbearers were Messrs. W.J. Prince, Paul Amey,
Sam Branch, M.G. Singleton, W.T. Berry, and D.W. Hunter. Mr. Oxford’s last request I was that he be buried in an old-time homemade coffin with the Bible under his head. It was compiled with. Mr. Oxford was a God-fearing, fine old man, and a good citizen. He took great pride in his good name and fine record, doting on the fact that he had never been in court except as a juror or as a witness. For 15 years he was a magistrate, giving to the office conscientious service, as he did to every duty that came to him. He was an honest, hard-working man, and leaves to his children the heritage of a respected name.”
LEILA (B-July 5, 1877; D-July 31,1911}, who wed MOLTON PIERCY.
JAMES SUEL wed ZELMA BRASWELL (B-May 18, 1889; D-June 4, 1974), but was killed in 1917 by a train in South Carolina. Their children were Otis Osborne, William Butler, and Mabel Louise.
ZELMA then married EDGAR DECKER Zelma’s parents were William Butler Braswell (8-Dec 12, 1868; D-Nov 19, 1928) and Mary Louise Setzer Braswell (D-May 2,
OTIS OSBORNE (B-April 6, 1915) wed ETHEL MAE AUSTIN (B-July 1, 1921;
D-Oct 21, 1969) on December 22, 1935. Ethel’s parents were Clark Austin and Cordie Joann Bolick. After Ethel’s death in 1969 of a brain hemorrhage, Otis married VIRGINIA KENT.
Otis and Ethel’s children were: Wanda Grace, Lantha Delores, Otis Jr, Gary Cecil, Helen Faye, James William, and Linda Ann.
WANDA GRACE (8-Sept 4, 1938) wed Doug Smith, Danny McLean, and Buck Cannon. She had these children with Doug Smith: Pamela Denise Smith (8-1954; D-1987), Carol Elaine Smith (B-1957), graduated from Northwestern University. Vanessa Lee Smith (8-1960), Mark Smith (8-1962).
LANTHA DELORES {8-Nov 22, 1936) wed Donald Wayne Triplett, and then Ralph Bryant. Lantha and Wayne had these children: Jeffery Donald Triplett (8-1956) wed Kathy Kidd and had: Dustin Wayne Triplett (B-1988); Twyla Rene Triplett (1965} wed Will Kirby and had these children Amanda Nicole Kirby (1982), Christopher William Kirby (1985), Johnna Rebecca Kirby (1989).
OTIS, JR. (8-Oct 18, 1940) wed Betsy Sigmon (B-1943), and had these children:
Kenneth Eugene (8-1960), wed Diane Lynn (8-1961); Ronald Scott (B-1963)
GARY CECIL {8-Nov 7, 1942) wed Nina Osborne (B-1945) and had these children:
Sherry Annette (B-1965), Tommy (81967).
HELEN FAYE (B-Sept 23, 1944; D-Oct 26, 1988) wed Ernest Perry Smith (B-:D-) and had these children: Kristie Smith (B-1966) wed Scott Mitchell and had these children: Dustin Scott Mitchell (B-1983), Jennifer Casey Mitchell (B-1986), Charles Austin Mitchell (B-1994), Julie Rea Smith (B-1968) wed Bryan Hamby. They divorced and she wed. Julie and Bryan Hamby had these children: James Robert Hamby (B-1986), Cody Allen Hamby (B-1991). Rhonda Renn Smith (B-1973) wed Neil Leslie (8-1969) and had Joseph Tyler Leslie (B-1993). ·
JAMES WILLIAM (BILL) (8-April 15, 1948) wed Frances Lenora Robbins (B-Aug 19, 1948) on July 15, 1967 at College Avenue Baptist Church. Bill served in the Marine Corp during Viet Nam and achieved the rank of Colonel in the North Carolina National Guard over a 30+ year career. Frances’ parents were Stewart Finley Robbins (B-:D-) and Mavis Brookshire Robbins. They had these children: Charles Jamison (B-March 16, 1970) wed Tina Andrews. After the divorce he wed Deah Frances Reid (B-) and their children were: Isiah Reid (8-), Micah Jamison(B-), Jacquelyn Leigh Oxford (8-Nov 3, 1973).
LINDA ANNE (B-1950) wed Donnie Anderson and had these children: Shana Anderson (8-1968) wed Doug Kirby and had these children: Donald Jason Anderson (B-1985), Jessica La Rea Anderson (B-1989), Stormie Elizabeth Kirby (B-1992).
WILLIAM BUTLER (B-1910; D-1968) wed first Leola Whisnant and then Marcelle Sides. William and Leola had: Nita June Oxford (8-1934)
MABEL LOUISE (B-1917; D-I988) wed John Dilliard. ALICE (B-1879; D-1960) wed Lee Clark (B-1881; D-1934).
WILLIAM EDWARD (8-Mar 2, 1884; D-June 9, 1960) wed Mary Chapman (8-April 5, 1889; D-Jan 6, 1954) and had 13 children.
ISAAC (IKE) (8-May 8, 1889; D-June 2, 1937) wed Leila Grady (8-July 4, 1888; D-Dec 21, 1947), and had two sons.
JOHN TIPTON (8-Nov 1, 1891; D-Aug 30, 1970) wed Mary Irene Propst (8-Jan 7, 1904; D-Oct 21, 1975) and had three daughters and two sons
HATTIE (B-1894; D-1959) wed Tom Morris and had six sons and two daughters.
MOLTON DEWEY (8-July 4, 1898; D-Feb 2, 1986) wed Grace Coffey and had two daughters and one son.
LEE VANCE (8-Feb 11, 1901; D-Mar 3, 1979) wed Johnsie Secreast (B-Oct 7,
1913; D-March 27, 1991). They had one daughter and two other children who died at a young age.
HANNAH SELENA (8-November 21, 1852; D-January 11,1928) wed Jefferson
Poarch (B-1854; D-Feb 7, 1888) on April 7, 1872. Jefferson was the brother of Calvin Poarch, the husband of Selena’s sister, Cynthia. Hannah Selena and Jefferson
Poarch’s children were: MANDY LULU POARCH (B-Dec 10, 1875; D-Oct 9, 1954), RUFUS POARCH (B-1877), LECIA POARCH (B-1880), OSCAR POARCH (B-1887}, and
two other children. After the death of her husband, Selena married JOHN TEETERS.
MARY EMMA (8-1854) wed Jones ERVIN MCRARY (21 years old) on Oct 2, 1874. He was the son of Washington and Minerva McRary. Their children were: SARAH ELLEN MCRARY (B-June 3, 1886 in Oak Hill section of Caldwell County; D-Dec 13, 1939) wed JOHN ARTHUR TURNMIRE (D-Dec 13,1968). They lived in
Granite Falls. Mr. Turnmire was a carpenter and built many homes in Granite Falls. He was 101 when he died. After the death of Mr. Turnmire, Mary Emma wed ALBER RECTOR, a Baptist preacher, and lived in Drexel. The children with Mr. Turnmire were: ETHEL TURNMIRE who wed WILL BOGLE and had ten children, PLEASANT TURNMIRE who wed ANNE JOHNSON., G. NOLAN TURNMIRE., GRACE CORINNE TURNMIRE who wed ARTHUR TEAGUE. He died in an auto accident on Main Street in Granite Falls in 1928. They had four children. Corrine wed the second time to LUKE I CANUPP, and they had two children.,. DELAUNE TURNMIRE wed PAUL ELMORE and had three children_, MARY TURNMIRE who wed LEE PARHAM and had one son BOBBY PETER IRVIN TURNMIRE wed first DOTTIE HUFFMAN, and then THELMASHERRILL, and had one daughter SUE IRVIN,. PAULINE TURNMIRE who wed WOODROW HUNTLEY, and had two daughters, PAM and JAN., ALBERT TURNMIRE wed MARIE SHEY, had four children and lived in New York.
SUE TURNMIRE wed Kenneth Propst. JOHNSIE MCCRARY wed Charles Starnes.
LUOLA MCRARY wed Sidney Bush, had one daughter and lived in California
LEE MCCRARY wed and had one son. They lived in California, where he was a Fire Chief for Los Angeles Fire Department.
AMANDA ROXANN (B-March 13, 1858; D-March 13, 1938) wed Kelly Kirby (B-May 5, 1859; D-Nov 25, 1946) on January 6, 1881. Their children were:
ELLA K. KIRBY (B-Nov 1881) wed John McGalliard on May 24, 1917. They had two daughters and lived in Morganton, N.C.
AMANDA ROXANN (B-March 13, 1858; D-March 13, 1938) wed Kelly Kirby
(B-May 5, 1859; D-Nov 25, 1946) on January 6, 1881. Their children were:
ELLA K. KIRBY (B-Nov 1881) wed John McGalliard on May 24, 1917. They had two daughters and lived in Morganton, N.C.
HATTIE C. KIRBY (B-Nov 1883) wed Lawson Mauney. Hattie had no children but had five step-children.
GROVER C. KIRBY (B-Jan 27, 1886) wed Maggie Taylor on July 24, 1913, and their children were: Ilene, Taylor, Boyd, Margaret, Carroll, Tony, June, Eric, and Sylvia.
W. Edd Kirby (B-June 20, 1888; D-Oct 28, 1979) wed a Miss Moore.
CHARLES HORTON KIRBY (B-Sept 17, 1891; D-March 25, 1974) wed Maggie
Reese and had two children. Wed second time to Hattie Johnson and had Charles, Ruth, Evelyn, and Pat.
LEAH M. KIRBY (B-April 1893) wed William Shultz and had WILLIAM JR and FRANCES.
OTIS B. KIRBY (B-Dec 1895) wed Lucille Hester and then Myrtle Robinson. NELL KIRBY (B-Sept 1898) never married.
ROSCOE JAKE KIRBY (B-July 21, 1901; D-Sept 9, 1967) wed Coyet Correll.
Their children were JAKIE, LAVONNE, and BRENDA.
REBECCA OXFORD (B-April 20, 1860; D-December 25, 1862).
NANCY GENELIA, (B-July 8, 1861; D-Dec 17, 1948) wed JOHN TIPTON
TOLBERT (B-Sept 21, 1861; D-January 25, 1929) at Cedar Valley Methodist Church on May 3, 1882, and their children were:
ROSE DRUCILLA TOLBERT (B-Jan 6, 1884; D-May 28, 1959) who wed THOMAS COBB (B-Jan 27, 188 I; D-Jan 26, 1950). They lived in Charleston SC, and their children were: THOMAS COBB, JR (8-1908; D-1965) who wed Elise Thompson,
JACK TIPTON COBB (B-May 20, 1910; D-1968) who wed Stella Stinklewich (Editors Note: Probably Stankiewicz) and had one daughter, GRACE ROSALIE COBB (8-Nov 16, 1913; D-July 25, 1996) who wed
John Weber and had one son, MARY AMY COBB (8-Jan 10, 1916) who wed Jack Kirby and had RONALD, ROGER, and DIANE. (Still living), PAUL G. COBB (8-Jan 5, 1922) who wed and still lives in Florida with LUELLA M. SCHILT and had ZOA A., LISA, and a stepson, LARRY.
LORA ODA TOLBERT (B-June 25, 1886; D-Jan 30, 1962) wed JOHN BLAIR
DEAL (B-Oct 18, 1869; D-Oct 16, 1969) on Dec 3, 1903. Their children were: RENN, LORA, DAISY CATHERINE, RUBY LEE, PHIFER AVERY, VIRGINIA LUCILLE, JOHN
FLETCHER, and a boy who died young. They lived in Virginia for many years but then divorced, and Lora wed DOCK SULLIVAN.
PINSON LEGRANDE TOLBERT (B-Aug 12, 1891; D-Nov 6, 1977) wed CALLIE
AUTON (B-Sept 30, 1905; D-Sept 18, 1979). Their children were TOLA, who was killed by lightening in 1928, J.T., CAROLINE, and JOE. Pinson fought in WW I.
JARVIS COLLEY TOLBERT (B-July 22, 1893; D-June 29, 1984) wed BERGIE BUSH (B-June 15, 1904; D-April 26, 1980) in 1927. Their children were: JOHN STANLEY, HAROLD EDWARD, NANCY REBECCA. Jarvis fought in WW I and was Sheriff of Caldwell County for three terms and was owner and operator of Fox/Tolbert Chevrolet in Granite Falls, NC.
SHERMAN ROSS TOLBERT (B-May 15, 1896; D-Nov 6, 1943) wed JESSIE
SHERRILL (8-May 13, 1897; D-July 29,1965) and their children WERE RUBY, ZELL, LINDA, LOUISE, and one son, ROSS.
CUSIAN TIPTON TOLBERT (B-May 17, 1900; D-Feb 1, 1984) wed CARL WEST
(B-Feb 24, 1901; D-July 16, 1928), and their children were: CONRAD, PAULINE, DORIS, and a son, COOLIDGE (WOOT) who was killed in Italy in WW II. After Carl’s early death, she wed CHARLIE ROBERTS (B-Aug 5, 1895; D-July 12, 1959) and had CHARLES TIPTON ROBERTS.
HARRIET MALINDA (B-May 5, 1867; D-July 15, 1938) wed ANDREW KIRBY (B-Jan 26, 1868; D-May 10, 1946) on Dec 30, 1888. Andrew was a brother to Kelly Kirby that married Harriet’s sister, Roxanne. Harriet and Andrew’s children were:
FELIX A. KIRBY (B-July 14, 1889; D-May 5, 1977) wed to Birdie , and had one daughter. His second marriage was to Mabel Salanders, and they had three girls and one son. He moved to Illinois as a young man.
H. GUSS KIRBY (B-1892; D-April 11, 1968) wed Winfried Tibbets and had no children. He moved to Illinois where he lived and died.
VAN BUREN KIRBY (B-May 20, 1894; D-Feb 23, 1915) never married.
LEXIE CHARLOTTE KIRBY (B-Aug 18, 1896; D-Sept 8, 1986) wed Jeff Munday and had four daughters and one son.
W. GAMEWELL KIRBY (8-Nov 24, 1898; D-March 6, 1984) wed Bertha (Pet) McRary, and they had five daughters and four sons.
ETHEL L. KIRBY (8-Feb 3, 1902; D-March 23, 1982) wed Ed Cline. They had two children, a boy, and a girl. The boy started JoBells in Catawba County. The girl owns a cemetery in Catawba County and Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Caldwell County.
DOLLY M. KIRBY (B-Jan 31, 1905; D-Aug 9, 1980) wed Ed Bowman and had no children
CARL A. KIRBY (B-May 25, 1907; D-Feb 14, 1994) wed Maxine long, lived in
Houston, Texas and had three daughters.
REX WARREN KIRBY (B-Jan 2, 19 10; D-Mar 14, 1993) wed Alma Gilbert, and they had one daughter.
WILLIAM DOTSON, JR. (B Jan 14,1869; D – October 11, 1961) wed JULIA WHITNER (8-April 1, 1866; O-July 25, 1909) on Oct 15, 1893. Julia was the daughter of S.M. and Elizabeth Whitner. Julia and William had no children. She died at age 43. William married AMANDA MARY JANE REID (B Oct 31, 1883; 0-Dec 11, 1957) after the death of Julia and their children were: PANSY DORIS (B-Jan 11, 1911) wed Ernest Roberts (B-Jan 23, 191-; O-March 1985) from Georgia. Their children were JACK and MONA KAY ROBERTS BERNICE (8 Oct 8, 1912; D-March 22,1991) wed CLYDE ROBERTS (B-July
22,1911; (D Feb 26, 1991). Clyde Roberts was elected in 1956 as the first Republican Sheriff in Caldwell County in 100 years. Their children were RUBY JEAN ROBERTS, LUCY ROBERTS, and BILLY JAY ROBERTS.
WILLIAM (BILL) HARSHAW (B-June 16, 1914; D-April 19, 1965) wed LUCILLE PRESTO. They had one son, BILLY. Bill served in the Army in WW II.
VERA MALINDA (B-March 15, 1917) wed CLARENCE SMITH, and their children were two boys: JARA and BRYCE SMITH.
BRUCE WATTS (B-Nov 13, 1919; D-Oct 7, 1980) wed DOROTHY PHILLIPS (8-Feb 7, 1922) and they had one son, STEVE. Bruce served in WW II.
DONALD (TOBE) (B-March 8, 1922; D-March 12, 1983) wed RUBY WATSON
(B-Dec 6, 1921). They had two daughters. Donald served in WW II.
ELLA MARIE (B-Feb 25, 1927) wed EARLY BUOYER (B-June 16, 1914). They had one boy and one girl, MAX and KAREN.
MARK (B-1872; D-1873)
JULIA ELLA (8-Nov 25, 1876; D-Oct 6,1936) wed LEVI-CALVIN REID (B-Oct 11, 1871; D-Aug 7, 1953) on Oct 7, 1894. She died from blood poisoning in her hand from a pig bite. Their children were:
EULA WILLIE REID (B-Feb 5, 1895; D-Aug 29, 1959) wed NATHAN FINLEY
SIMS (B Oct 11, 1896; D-April 30, 1969). Their children were: DWIGHT SIMS, EDITH SIMS, EVELYN IMS, KEITH SIMS.
ILA J. REID (B-Mar 10, 1897; D June 7, 1898)
TRANNIE B. REID (B-Jan 18, 1902; D-Mar 31, 1938). She became an epileptic at age 15 and never married.
SNOW SPURGEON REID (8-Mar 18, 1905; D-Aug 6, 1987) wed MAUDE CRISP
(8-Sept 3, 1912). Their children were MARTHA REID, MAX REID.
GUY REX REID (B July 28, 191 I; D-June 11, 1972) wed ESTELL BLAIR (8-May 4, 1915} and had three boys and two girls. BILLY WAYNE REID, JERALDINE (JERI) REID, LEVI CALDWELL (BUD) REID, RITA REID, and GARY LYNN REID.
DOIL F. REID (B-Jan 5, 1914; D-Sept 17,1914).
DALE REID (B Feb 19, 1920) wed MARTHA INEZ WINKLER (B-May 12, 1926; D-June 12, 1998). Their children were:
JOYCE ELLA REID, RICHARD DALE REID, STANLEY KEITH REID, JEFFERY CLAY REID, DANNY RAY REID, and GENE CALVIN (SHORTY) REID, who was killed in Viet Nam in Feb 1968. Dale served in the Navy in WW II. He was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked to start WW II. His ship, the U.S.S. Raleigh, was hit by a torpedo, a bomb, and strafed by planes, but no one was killed.
This history is taken from relatives, the writings of Rev J.W. Thomas, Rev. Isaac Oxford of 1890, Jenner Oxford, W.E. White, the libraries of Alexander, Caldwell, Burke, and Catawba Counties, the Caldwell County Register of Deeds, and personal knowledge. Any mistakes or omissions are not intentional.

William Dotson Oxford Sr.