Volunteers Needed

Traditionally you think of genealogical research and writing but there are many other areas where you might help.


Send an email to Barnes.Oxfords.Genealogy@gmail.com with an idea of your choice or one of the following.


  • Research assistant collecting information on Ancestry or FamilySearch.org for one of the three articles. To assist you and you promise to deliver, I will send you a 70-page PDF file complete with links to FamilySearch and other non-Ancestry sites to assist you. You will bed listed as a contributor to the article. Also note, Ancestry is free at many public libraries.
    •  Assist Dr. Ted Sherrill in collecting files and other information on The Importance of the Influence of Christianity in the Barnes, Oxford, Blair and Sherrill Families. The article will begin with Brinsley Barnes Baptism into the Church of Ireland in 1713 and then followed by his wife Elizabeth being disowned (kicked out of her Quaker Church for “Drinking Hard Liquor.” The article will many original source documents and will discuss service as ministers, charter members, deacons and clerks of various early and present-day churches. Reverend Sherrill is extremely busy. He spends one month each year in India teach other ministers. We can provide guidance in where to go and what to look for but we need help in finding the old document on Ancestry or FamilySearch.org. Ted Sherrill, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Georgetown.
    • Another project needing assistance is The Many Faces of Jehu Barnes which is in the preliminary stages of development. At last count, we have identified nine all descendant from different branches of Brinsley’s family. We can provide a great deal of rough source data but would welcome someone completing the research and writing the article.
    • In the future, all documents will bear a very small unobtrusive watermark. Assistance is needed in applying these watermarks.
  • Social Media and Genealogy Website Online Monitor. Currently, there are roughly 30 genealogy and Facebook websites that are of interest to our family research. Your job would be to monitor one or more of these on a regular basis to see if there is a mention of anyone with the Barnes surname.
  • Document Analyst. Read old documents and extract information to be added to a file that will be used aid people searching the website for information. A form will be provide along with instructions to assist you.